How to use Reliance JIO SIM in Windows Phone and Modem (Dongle)

How to use Reliance JIO SIM in Windows Phone and Modem (Dongal)

Here we sharing Full Tutorial which will help to use Reliance JIO SIM in any windows Phone and modem too. If you are looking for How to use Reliance JIO SIM in Windows Phone and Modem or Dongle then you can finish your searches. Yes, because you are now at the right place. Read the Full Guide to Learn How to use Reliance JIO SIM in Any Windows Phone and How to use Reliance JIO SIM in any Dongle or Modem which can be Airtel Modem, IDEA Modem or MicroMax but it has to be support 4G.

Reliance JIO SIM –

So, Now You can also use Jio SIM on any Windows Phone. And you can also use Reliance JIO in your PC without Hotspot. Just Check the below requirements and full fill them to use Reliance JIO on any windows phone. As we all know that JIO is now brand as a Popular & Larger Network in India. Even almost everyone having now a JIO SIM. Also, if you don’t Have Reliance Jio SIM Then Go to Your Nearby Reliance Digital Store And Claim Jio SIM Card.

Who Can use JIO SIM –

As we all knows that Reliance JIO is now available for all 4G Devices and working fine in any 4G Devices. As the Reliance Jio Officially Announced Welcome Offer for All User. So, there are no more device limitations for using Jio. As I have seen there are many of searches that how to use Reliance Jio SIM in Windows Phones such as Lumia Series and How to use Reliance JIO in Modem or Dongle.

Requirements to use Jio in Windows Phone –

  • Windows Phone
  • Reliance Jio SIM Card
  • Jio Coverage Area
  • Device Must be 4G LTE

Requirements to use Jio SIM in Modem –

  • 4G Enable Modem or Dongle
  • Reliance Jio SIM Card

How to use Reliance Jio SIM in Windows Phone –

  1. First of all Take your Windows Device on your hand (hehe).
  2. Now Open Setting.
  3. Then Open Cellular Data > SIM Setting > Enable 4G Device only.
  4. Tap on SIM setting and Create a New VPN.
  5. Now Simply add setting Given Below.
  6. APN – Jionet
  7. IP Type – Ipv4
  8. Leave other fields and save VPN.

How to use Reliance Jio SIM in Modem /Dongle –

  • First of all Insert, your 4G Support Dongle and Plugin into your PC.
  • When it’s application has to come to displayed.
  • Then go to setting and create a new APN.
  • Create Profile as – TechHackTweaks
  • APN – Jionet
  • Let other fields blank.
  • Done!! Enjoy unlimited free internet till 31st December 2016.

Now Enjoy Unlimited Free Internet and Voice Calling, Video Calling on your Reliance Jio SIM till 31st December 2016

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