How to Download Paid apps from Play Store Directly For Free

How to Download Paid apps from Play Store Directly For Free

Download Paid Apps For Free –

Now TechHackTweaks going to share an amazing trick for android users after requesting of our one fan on Facebook, so now I’m going to complete his request, he was asking me that how to download premium or paid apps from Google play store directly for free, means he wants to download paid apps for free from play store.

That’s why Now I’m updating A Trick for our Android users who are seeking on whole the Internet that how to download Paid Apps for Free without using Play Store. Here tech hack tweaks are sharing an awesome working trick to download paid or premium apps from play store for free. So now you can hack play store to get any paid apps for free.

How to get all PAID Apps Free?

On the Internet types, resources have lots of methods or tricks to download paid apps free from play store but those methods are either too complicated or don’t work anymore or are absolutely fake. Here Tech Hack Tweaks are going to teach you the easiest method to get any paid apps for free.

Below We are sharing Two Methods [1st is Old Method and 2nd is New]

Method 1st

  1. First of All Download BlackMart App File – HERE
  2. Now Click on Apk File and Install it
  3. Now Open it and Search any Paid apps you want to download
  4. That’s it, you can download or your downloading will start in 2 seconds.
  5. Done!! Your Paid or Premium App now in your Menus.

Method 2nd

Requirement –

1 Debit / Credit Card for 1 Time Only – (You will Not lose your Money)

Steps –
1. First of All Download Titanium Backup Pro – HERE
2. Now Go to Play Store and Select the Paid or Premium App.
3. Which you want to Download.
4. Now Click on Download Button and Download It.
5. Make Payment with Your Debit / Credit Card.
6. After Payment, your App will Download in your Phone.
7. Now open Titanium Backup App and Backup the Paid app with Data.
8. Now the Backup of Paid App will Store on your SD Card.
9. Now Go to Play Store and Open that Paid App Page and Click on Refund Button.

Note – Return the Paid or Premium App/ Game within 2 hours and Uninstall Your App or Game. Once the Refund Process will Complete you Will Get Install Option again.

10. Follow the Instructions to complete your refund and uninstall your app or game.
11. After refund process you will see an install button instead of refund don’t click on that button your app will be uninstalled automatically
12. And after some time you will get your refund in your bank account.
13. After Refund Process Complete and that App will Uninstalled Automatically.
14. Restore the Backup of that Paid App or Game via Titanium Backup and Enjoy the Paid App or Game For Free

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