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Tech Hack Tweaks was started on 19th July 2015

The main aim of starting this website is to provide Genuine and Unique Right Information.

We mainly focus on General PC problems, Tips and Tricks that is related to GSM/UMTS Operators, Blogging and Free Recharge Offers and providing latest updated Softwares.

Initially, I’m not interested in starting blogging,

but when I needed to use trick or tips according to which one problem I was facing  and After have lots of search in internet search engine, I have seen that they all are providing tips and tricks with the survey,

And as we know about surveys are took lots of time to complete survey bypass and after trying to complete surveys that file is still unblocked.

It was very irritating and bad for us, thus I decided to start blogging and provide to everyone all types of tricks and tips without surveys.

I am always available to solve your problem via Facebook and Mail source just connect with us.

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About Myself 

Hi, Friends

My name is Vijay Singh and my friends called me ‘Viju’. I’m a 20 Year Old, am a Self-Trained Guy and a Part-Time Blogger.

I am Mastermind in networking and Internet tools.

Nowadays I become expert in blogging and my main purpose to provide genuine knowledge and also like to learn ethical tricks like window’s tricks and Facebook tricks,

And my career biography that’s I’m a student of the third year and getting extra knowledge from experienced teacher

And ask them about networking to get more knowledge and using this knowledge to try to do something new.

I love to share this article with my friends and visitors,

Thanks for supporting me and keep stay tuned with me via E-mail, Facebook & Site…

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